Irnham Lodge
Complementary Health Centre
We aim to provide an excellent complementary healthcare service, with a team of dedicated and experienced practitioners, who offer a comprehensive range of treatments for today's many health problems.

About Us
Irnham Lodge Complementary Health Centre was opened in April 1995, at the same time as Irnham Lodge Surgery.

The Centre has ten treatment rooms, its own waiting area and a conference room.

The Centre is open to all. We accept self-referrals as well as referrals from local GPs. The Centre has a range of therapists who all work at the Centre on different days in the week.

Irnham Lodge Complementary Health Centre operates entirely separately from Irnham Lodge Surgery although we share the same premises.  Patients are advised not to assume that the doctors at the Surgery endorse any of the therapies on offer at Irnham Lodge Complementary Health Centre.
Our Therapists
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When you visit the Centre you can be assured that all of our therapists have the necessary insurances in place.
Where it is necessary for a practitioner to be registered with a professional body and to hold relevant qualifications to practice, these are also checked.
Good Health Naturally
Irnham Lodge CHC
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Tel. 01643 705020
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